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Brochure published by the Vauban District Association (available also at the tour).

No. 1

Guided Tours at Vauban & more

5 Simple Steps and You'll Find out Your Special Tour

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Solar Settlement
Solar Settlement Vauban: Placed close to the nature
Step by Step You'll Create Your Special Guided Tour
Prioritize the themes you would like to prefer. Learn more about the opportunities to combine a guided tour at Vauban for example with lectures. Please following the links and visit page after page.

If you have any question please call or write an e-Mail.
Planting trees at the market place

Step 1
– Overview
Step  2
– Find out the Topics, Choose Your Tour
Step 3
– Compare Offers and Prices
Step 4
– Make an Enquiry
Step 5
– Order Your Book Entry
  Step i
– Get More Infos about Arrival and Equipment

Current Info

We have discontinued our program for the Vauban tours. Thank you for your interest in our environmental district.

Information about Vauban can still be found on the Sights of Vauban website. We also recommend the Vauban Brochure from the District Association Vauban e.V.

Step 1: Overview

naturConcept Generates a Guided Tour Complying with Your Requests
Students, architects, majors,  draughtsmen, administrators – all of them have special interests and they are in need of tailored requirements.

Guided Tour Vauban
In the model district visitors can clearly see how daily life of the inhabitents happens, how sustainable ideas are working in practice, how environmental standards and construction materials stood the tests, or how the trendsetting traffic system leads to more living comfort.

Lectures are Good Extensions after Guided Tours
According to a guided tour you also can book lectures. Data, facts, statistics, maps and pictures of events and special situations of Vauban are presented, mostly you can't see during a guided tour.
You'll find a description about the contents of our guided tours at Topics.

Who can enjoy a Guided Tour
naturConcept offers guided tours only for groups (Sorry we can't arrange guided tours for individuals).

Guided Tours at Wintertime
Of course it is possible to run a guided tour when outside it is freezy. But you have to shelter yourself very well. May be special clothes are needed, same like on a excursion at Alaska. There are a lot of stops and so you can't warm up by moving around.

About us
naturConcept is an agency of landscape-planning placed right at Vauban. It is directed by Dipl.-Eng. eRich Lutz.
eRich Lutz is doing landscape plannings and he is living at Vauban since the beginning. He is involved into the citizens association and he also processed planning projects for the township of Freiburg (Green Spaces 5). Also our assistants are living inside of Vauban and they benefit from a long time of experiences about guided tours at Vauban, at Freiburg and at the region. So you‘ll be well accommodated.

May be somewhere we did some errors. If you find anything seemed to be wrong it would be very nice to give us response.

Thank you very much.

Continue with Step No. 2 'Find out the Topics, Choose Your Tour'

No 2

[We beg your pardon that only few more important pages are translated in english]

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