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Brochure published by the Vauban District Association (available also at the tour).

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Guided Tours at Vauban & more

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Guided Tour Vauban

Setting Focal Points
  • Every guided tour is composed corresponding to your wishes and interests. It runs simply by asking questions.
  • Setting your focal points also can be done by clicking the topics at our booking form.

  • Below we would like to present you the topics of a guided tour at Vauban.

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    • Overview About History and Development of Vauban
      • Military usage from 1937 until 1992
      • Intermezzo and time to create ideas
      • The barracks: What you can see still today
    • The Planning Processes
      • How ideas become a concept
      • From the conclusion of the common council up to the realisation
      • Urban ideas compettition and developement plan
    • The Participation
      • The expansioned participation
      • The user-friendly working-groups
      • The traffic concept, created by citizens
      • Self-ruling government: The 'Center for Citizens' and the 'Movement of Citizens'
      • Social management – About cultural events and how to handle conflicts
      • Participation during the planning-process of green spaces
      • A story of success: The market-place
    • Environmental Standards
      • Solar energy plant
      • Low energy buildings
      • Passive houses and plus-passive houses
      • A car reduced pilot district
      • Environmental friendly materials using for constructions
      • Block heat and power plant, fired by wood chips
      • Green roofs
      • Rainwater infiltration and usage
    • The High Level of Living-Quality
      • Intensive communication between neighbours
      • Focussing a child-friendly and a family-friendly living
      • Where street spaces become part of the living-room
      • District of short distances
      • The childrens adventure farm
      • Youngsters and old people living together
    • Natural Formation of the Green Spaces
      • Protection of species
      • Special biotope: the village creek
      • Living among the nature
      • Urbane gardening – the very famous activity
    • Transformation of Vauban's Experiences
      • The Evaluation by the University of Aachen
      • How Freiburg is using the positive Experiences of Vauban
      • Responce in other Cities

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    • Extra: The Heliotrope
      • The first plus energy house worldwide
      • Generate more energy than consume
      • Rotatable according to the state of the sun

      • The Heliotrope can be reached by a short walk of about 8 minutes. It is possible to visit nearby, but only from the outside, as the building is inhabited. In addition, a total of 30 minutes must be estimated for the heliotrope. At least a total of 2 hours should therefore be planned for the whole Vauban leadership.


    Combinated Tour & Lecture

    Lecture after a Guided Tour
  • Reflection of the Guided Tour Vauban
  • Video Presentation: Data, Statistics, Facts and Maps about Vauban
  • Pictures about special Situations and Events of Vauban
  • Opportunity to ask more questions

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