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Brochure published by the Vauban District Association (available also at the tour).

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Guided Tours at Vauban & more

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Neighbourhood and communication are formative elements in the lifestyle of Vauban

House and Green Spaces
Green living at Vauban

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Please visit also Sights of Vauban – there are a lot of detailed informations about Vauban, pictures of all buildings included

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Guided Tours Vauban (Prices per Group)

[If there are more than 25 participants, we are splitting the tour into additional groups]
1 Group
2 Groups
The Most Importing Facts
Little walkabout through the district, looking at few important projects. Enough time to get a first overview and to ask few questions.
180,00 330,00
Extensive Tour
This is the right tour for a professional audience (politicians, administrators, planners, experts of construction, students). They all can get special informations about plannings, realization and the evaluation of different concepts.

Combinated Tour & Lecture

1 Group
2 Groups
Starting with a guided tour of 2,0 h followed by a lecture about 60 minutes using audio-visual media. Additionally there are plans, data and pictures about special situations of Vauban.
Starting with a guided tour of 3.0 h followed by a lecture about 60 minutes.
Other combinations are possible. Please ask.
* The calculation of these prices are based on renting a room in our Citizens Center of Vauban. There are other rooms with different prices. If we have to rent another room please ask for the costs. Also please book this tour in sufficient time, because rooms at Vauban are frequently used. Please ask, how to manage the lecture, if there are a lot of members in your group.

Current Info

We have discontinued our program for the Vauban tours. Thank you for your interest in our environmental district.

Information about Vauban can still be found on the Sights of Vauban website. We also recommend the Vauban Brochure from the District Association Vauban e.V.

Reductions and Infos

  • 10 % reduction for pupils.
  • Reduction 10 % for small group (max. 9 members)
  • Reduction 5 % for offer package
  • 20% extra on a tour on a Saturday
  • The limitation of membership are 25 people per group.
  • Payment: For banc tranfers inside the European Community please use only the SEPA-System via IBAN & BIC. Also money in cash is welcome.

  • For more Information please have a look to our Trade Conditions.
    Set the contents of a guided tour at the book-entry-form.

Why a group up to 25 members is working best

naturConcept is well looking forward to realize best results for our guided tours. It's our ambitious aim our customers are completely satisfied. Asking questions, giving answers, following all members wishes, to be understood acoustical and in content – that's working best by small groups. This is the way of a winning situation, all will get the most intensiv impressions and most information.

Based on our experience we see, if a group has more as 20 members drawbacks will grow step by step: Much more time is needed moving around the district, the crowd will be extended more and more, time is loosing by waiting for stragglers. The bigger one group the less interactive is a guided tour. At least it's looking like an ex-cathedra teaching. Sometimes you can see such guided tours, but they are catched in peoples eye as an deterring example.

We propose to split an oversized group and starting with two parts at the same time. By the way we are not pedantic, if a group is hardly over the limit. Surely we know the financial possbilities of institutions as well as such of individuals may be shortened. And in a quick calculation it seems cheaper for each member, if a group has a lot of members. But if you would proove intensively, the cost/performance ratio is showing you a bad value. If the result will be not accepted there is nothing won and a lot is loosed!

There is a better way saving money: What you communicate with an oversized group in three hours you communicate with a smaller group in only two hours, and very important – in a higher quality of teaching. The difference between a guided tour about 3 hours and two guided tours about 2 hours = 4 hours is not so serious.

We would like to advise you on a question.

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