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Brochure published by the Vauban District Association (available also at the tour).
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Guided Tours at Vauban & more

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1) Arrival by charter-bus:
Arrival at Vauban and meeting-point

Exit the highway No. 5 at "Freiburg-Mitte", following the B31, direction "Freiburg". Use exit "Stühlinger/Eschholzstraße" and immediately turn to the right, when passing the light. Going on straight ahead about 2 km. Passing the crossing Wiesentalstraße and going on straight ahead about 400 m. Turn to the left into the Innsbrucker Straße, passing the railways underbridge and immediately turn to the left into the bus lane. Please stop on the right side, near by the taxi rank, where passengers can leave the bus.

No parking area inside of Vauban
There is no space for bus-parking, because Vauban is provided by a special car reduced traffic concept. The bus lane can only be used for short-time parking. The official bus-parking-area of Freiburg is placed at the VAG Center (tram depot, distance 3 km), Besançonallee 99, 79111 Freiburg. Reservation is recommended, please call 0761 - 4511-224. At the surround of Vauban only few parking areas for busses may be available.

2) Arrival by train & tram:
Anfahrt Meeting point Vauban – Paula-Modersohn-Place

Going directly from the train platform at Freiburg central station upstairs to the bridge of the tram. Tickets are available at the kiosk onto the bridge and also inside the tram at the ticket machine. The cheapest opportunity is a regio24-ticket (one ticket € 12.40, max. five persons/24 hours or a regio24-ticket for 1 adult and 4 children, max. age: 14 years for € 6.20). Looking for tram number 3 to "Vauban". Leaving the tram after 15 minutes at stop "Paula-Modersohn-Platz". Meeting point is right there, in front of the pharmacy.

At this place you'll find some stores, bistros , a cash point and also a public toilet.
At the best please take public vehicles. There are only few parking areas in Vauban. For public use there is the Solargarage (only for cars, because height is limitted). Parking-tickets are available. In the whole district there is no parking-space for busses! It‘s the better way to use park & ride. For more information please click here.

Question Sheet for Classes
For the follow-up of a tour there is a questionnaire that can be edited in Vauban, but also later in the school. There is also a solution sheet for teachers, which is sent after booking a tour.
Questionnaire Download (pdf, 180 KB)

Halls for conferences
In the 'Center of Citizens' you can rent  two halls for events and conferences. The conference-hall about 80 squaremeters and the district-hall about 130 squaremeters are available. Please contact the Stadtteilzentrum Vauban 037 e.V.

The 'Center of Citizens' includes also the restaurant 'Süden'. In the Villaban-Building there is a cafeteria called Villaban-Kantine. Both are placed in the center of the district Vauban. Reservation  for groups necessarily is recommanded. Service  without reservation may not be  possible.

Stores and Services
Vauban is well provided by stores and services. Have a nice overview about the business-world of Vauban. Please visit the page Vauban-Business. Well to know for visitors: There is a cash point and another of the GLS-Banc inside the solar ship.

At Vauban for accommodations there is a hotel, some holiday flats and apartments. Offers are described (in german) at Vauban-Business under the category "Fremdenzimmer". Cheaper rooms are placed outside of the city. Have a look at the villages of the neighbourhood:  Merzhausen and the Hexental-Valley (Horben, St. Ulrich, Wittnau, Sölden, Bollschweil) and the Dreisamtal-Valley. For youngsters there are youth-hostels and backpacker-hotels.

In Vauban on the way
Please  take consideration to the inhabitants. There are many guided tours in Vauban, therefore some behavior rules are important, so that life of humans there if possible is not impaired: Please remain at the public street space. Please don‘t enter  private properties and don‘t go  into the houses. Avoid please noise and do not photograph with lightning toward the windows.
Now there are public toilets in the district. They are placed at the "Paula-Modersohn-Platz".

Guided tours in winter
Guided tours in Vauban are also possible during the cold season. However, the participants have to be particularly attuned to the weather conditions. Normal clothing as worn for a little shopping, for example, is not enough! How to protect yourself from the cold - that explains a small information sheet that can also be used well in school classes: Tips on the right clothing. Download pdf-file (84 KB).

Banc tranfers inside the European Community now are very easy, gratis and safe. Please use only the SEPA-System via IBAN & BIC. Another way to pay is to use money in cash at the guided tour.

If you have any question please call or write an e-Mail.

[We beg your pardon that only few more important pages are translated in english]

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